Tips For Removing Your Tree Stump

If you have had to recently get rid of a tree, you might be annoyed by the unsightly stump that you now have in your yard. If you don't want to pay the extra money to have a professional remove the stump and have decided to remove it yourself, here are some possible methods that you could use. 

1. Use Stump Remover

One option is to use stump remover, which will gradually dissolve and weaken the inside of the tree so that you can more easily use an ax to chop it apart and remove it. This a tremendously slow process due to the fact that it takes time for the stump remover to actually weaken the stump to the point where you can actually remove it. In order to use the stump remover, take a drill and drill medium-sized holes all over the stump, including on the sides. Fill the holes at least halfway with the stump remover. Then, fill the rest of the holes with water. You need to make sure that you add water in order to activate the stump remover so that it starts the dissolution process. 

Every few months, check to see how weak the stump is. Hack as much of the stump as you can away with an ax or a saw. This will allow you to gradually reduce the size of the stump and make your yard look better.

2. Dig Out the Stump

If the tree stump that you have used to belong to a relatively young tree, you might be able to dig the stump out. Start digging as close to the stump as possible. Then, as you uncover the old roots of the tree, start digging further out to follow the roots. Use an ax to chop off the roots and clear them away to give yourself some room to free the stump. Dig a circle around the stump as far down as you need to go to to be able to cut away at the bottom of the stump. Once you are done, you will be able to fill the hole back in with the dirt that you removed. 

For more information, or if you decide to hire a professional to remove the stump, talk to a company that specializes in tree and stump removal, like Arborist Services LLC. They will be able to ensure that the stump is removed quickly and safely.