What Care Do Crabapple Trees Require?

Crabapple trees can add a lot of beauty to your yard with their vibrant blooms in the spring and ruby red fruit in the fall. They come in many varieties of various sizes, so you can choose a small or large tree based on your needs. In general, however, all crabapple trees require the same basic care, and that care is necessary in order to keep the tree in good health. Here's a look at the care you'll need to provide:


You'll need to have your crabapple tree pruned each year in the early spring. This serves several purposes. First, it ensures there is enough space between the branches for air to flow freely, which keeps the branches dry and less prone to fungal growth. Second, it encourages the tree to remain in a tidy shape so that it brings more beauty to your yard. Third, it ensures that any branches that have begun to die or have become damaged are removed before disease sets in.

Many homeowners choose to hire a professional to prune their trees, but with some DIY gardening skills, you can do this yourself. Just make sure you remove older growth rather than newer branches, use sharp shears, and don't remove more than a third of the tree's branches in one year.


Fertilizing your tree once a year in the spring will encourage the blooms maintain a bright color. It will also ensure the tree is well nourished enough to fight off diseases. All you need is a basic 10-10-10 fertilizer from the home and garden store. Dilute it according to package instructions, and apply it in a wide circle around the tree so you can be sure it comes into contact with the roots.


When your tree is first getting established (for approximately the first year that it's in the ground), it will be important to water it regularly. However, after this point, its roots should be established enough to obtain water from deep in the ground even when rain has been scarce. You can help your tree out by putting a layer of mulch over the ground beneath it. This will trap the moisture in the soil so your tree can get what it needs more easily.

Cleaning Up

In the fall when the fruit and leaves fall from the tree, make sure you sweep them up promptly. If left on the ground, these can become a harboring point for fungi that will later infect your tree.

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