Three Must-Have Safety Gear For Tree Removal

Removing a tree is inherently dangerous, so if you are going to approach it as a DIY task, you need to protect yourself from its various dangers.  Apart from ensuring that you have the right skills for the job, you also need to have appropriate safety gear. Here is some of the safety gear you should have:


A helmet protects your head from falling things and also reduces the impact on your head if you fall. Both risks are high during a tree felling operation. For example, dry or rotten tree branches may fall on you before the tree falls and you may also fall when scampering for safety in case the tree starts to fall unexpectedly. This is something you shouldn't compromise on; if you don't have a helmet, don't even think about cutting down a tree.

Safety Glasses

Big debris can hurt any part of your body, but even the smallest debris is a danger to your eyes. The chainsaw, for example, kick up a lot of debris at it goes through the tree trunk and limbs; wearing safety glasses is the best way to keep such debris out of your eyes.

Do you know that safety glasses also help you to see well? Think of it this way: will you be staring wide-eyed at the action (think chainsaw cutting through the tree) if you aren't wearing glasses? No, you are likely to squint in an attempt to keep debris out of your eyes, and squinting may interfere with your vision. Wearing glasses helps you to keep your eyes wide open at all times, which can help you spot potential dangers.


Lastly, you also need gloves to protect your hands; after all, your hands will be handling most of the action. The hands are more delicate than most people think. Gloves will protect your hands from scratches and piercings from thorns, infections from poisonous plants, and exposure to chemicals.

Choose heavy work gloves for maximum protection. They shouldn't be too slippery either; you need good grip if you have to scale a tree or handle the chainsaw safely.

The dangers associated with tree removal cannot be overemphasized. Don't forget that you can still get injured even with the right safety gear. For example, a heavy limb that falls on you will still hurt you even if you have a helmet; the safety gear reduces your risk of injury, it doesn't eliminate it. The good news is that tree removal doesn't have to be a DIY project; there are tree trimming and removal companies with the right training, equipment, and insurance coverage for the job.