Three Tips To Protect Your Tree's Bark

Damaged bark on a tree can be a severe problem. Extensive damage leaves a tree open to disease and pest infestations. Bark also protects the tree's vascular system, as this lays in the outermost layer, right beneath the bark. When exposed, this layer is more prone to damage and may fail to work. This can also result in the death of the tree. The following tips can help you protect the the bark and remedy minor issues.

Tip #1: Install tree guards

A common reason for bark damage in home lawns is damage from lawnmowers and other equipment banging into the trunk. You can prevent this with tree guards. These wire cages are designed to wrap around the trunk and create a barrier to lawnmowers as well as animals that may feed on bark, like deer. Just make sure the guards are several inches larger than the trunk's diameter, since you don't want to restrict growth.

Tip #2: Be caution when hanging

Trees can become supports for a variety of things, from hammocks to décor. When choosing a hanger, avoid anything that pierces the tree, since nails create an opening for infection. Ropes are a safer option, but these must also be used with care so they don't constrict growth or rub off bark. Choose wide, soft ropes. If the rope will be supporting a lot of weight, such as with a hammock, then wrap the tree in a wide strap of rubber or leather, then tie the rope around this to prevent rubbing. Finally, loosen the rope annually so that it doesn't constrict growth.

Tip #3: Mulch properly

Finally, make sure the tree is properly mulched. Although mulch is very beneficial for trees since it keeps down weeds and conserves moisture, it can also harbor insects and rodents. When applying fresh mulch around a tree, always pull it back from the trunk so nesting pests aren't tempted to feed on bark below the mulch line. Another issue when mulch, or even fallen leaves for that matter, rest against the trunk is that they trap moisture, which can cause the bark to rot. The rotting bark will peel back, which allows pests to begin feeding on the inner trunk. This can lead to death and the need to remove the tree.

For more help, or if you have a damaged tree that needs removed, contact a tree service like The Tree Lady Company in your area.