Want to Keep Your Driveway Clean? 3 Landscaping Tips That Will Produce Results

Having the right strategy for maintaining your driveway is an important step in keeping it clean all year long. But, even when you are using the best methods, other factors could require you to spend an extremely long time cleaning or fixing problems that were caused. For instance, berries that fall onto the ground can stain concrete when it has not been sealed or resealed in recent years. It is an excellent idea to look at your landscape to see what can be changed to enjoy easier driveway maintenance.

Plant Slow-Growing Groundcover

Some properties have a front lawn that just requires routine watering and mowing. But you may be interested in a more unique and attractive landscape that includes groundcover plants. The main problem with groundcover plants is that they are going to continue growing, and you need to figure out how to combat this to keep their stems and flowers from being able to creep onto the driveway. It is ideal to speak with a landscaping professional to see which native groundcover options are slow growing. This will keep you from having to trim the groundcover on a consistent basis throughout the year. A driveway surrounded by this landscape setup will be easier to maintain, as it will keep away foot traffic and mud.

Remove Messy Trees

Some trees might look nice on your property, but there are several that can be a huge hassle. The strongest leaf blower and the best push broom are not enough to combat messy trees. A tree like the sweet gum will cover your yard and driveway with prickly burrs that you want to avoid at all costs. Other trees are messy by covering the driveway in leaves, flowers, twigs, or even full branches. Removing these trees and replacing them with ones that are not messy will save you time when cleaning the driveway.

Create a Weed-Control Plan

This depends on the driveway you have, but weeds may constantly grow in the cracks. If weed seeds are spreading from your yard and making their way to the driveway, you may be able to get some help from a landscaping professional who can come up with a long-term solution for weed control. This may be an inevitable situation when the public land or neighbors have a lot of weed growth, but you can reduce or eliminate the problem by targeting your efforts on halting weed growth on your property.

With these steps taken for your landscape, maintaining your driveway should be a much easier task. Talk to a professional such as Greatland Tree Service for more help.