Live In The Desert? Install An Irrigation System To Avoid Watering Problems

Some people living in a desert climate may be comfortable with not having any plant life on their property. But, you may have always loved the greenery that you find within landscapes. Although you may live in a desert, you may also be able to keep your plants healthy without a lot of trouble. The main problem that you may run into is watering. The desert is a harsh climate, but you can make it easier to maintain your plants by hiring professionals to install an irrigation system.

Tips To Remove Holiday Lights Without Tree Damage

Putting up your holiday décor early lets you avoid the ice and snow, but you usually don't have that choice when it comes time to take it down. Strings of lights and garlands wound around your trees and bushes can be difficult to move if snow has fallen. In addition to contacting your local tree services for guidance, the following tips can help you avoid major damage in your landscape when you decide to take down the holiday cheer.

Three Tips To Protect Your Tree's Bark

Damaged bark on a tree can be a severe problem. Extensive damage leaves a tree open to disease and pest infestations. Bark also protects the tree's vascular system, as this lays in the outermost layer, right beneath the bark. When exposed, this layer is more prone to damage and may fail to work. This can also result in the death of the tree. The following tips can help you protect the the bark and remedy minor issues.

Three Must-Have Safety Gear For Tree Removal

Removing a tree is inherently dangerous, so if you are going to approach it as a DIY task, you need to protect yourself from its various dangers.  Apart from ensuring that you have the right skills for the job, you also need to have appropriate safety gear. Here is some of the safety gear you should have: Helmet A helmet protects your head from falling things and also reduces the impact on your head if you fall.

3 Signs That Your Tree May Be Dying

Have you recently moved to a new house? Are you wondering whether or not you should be concerned about the trees on your land? All trees eventually die, but it's not always easy to tell whether a tree is actually on its last legs or whether it's simply in need of a little extra care to make it healthy once again. Fortunately, it can sometimes be easier to spot problems during the winter after the tree has lost its leaves.