Three Must-Have Safety Gear For Tree Removal

Removing a tree is inherently dangerous, so if you are going to approach it as a DIY task, you need to protect yourself from its various dangers.  Apart from ensuring that you have the right skills for the job, you also need to have appropriate safety gear. Here is some of the safety gear you should have: Helmet A helmet protects your head from falling things and also reduces the impact on your head if you fall.

3 Signs That Your Tree May Be Dying

Have you recently moved to a new house? Are you wondering whether or not you should be concerned about the trees on your land? All trees eventually die, but it's not always easy to tell whether a tree is actually on its last legs or whether it's simply in need of a little extra care to make it healthy once again. Fortunately, it can sometimes be easier to spot problems during the winter after the tree has lost its leaves.

Common Symptoms Of A Sick Or Injured Tree

If the appearance of your yard and the health of everything that grows in it is important to you, it's crucial to be aware of the early warning signs that trees will often provide when they're sick or damaged. For instance, you may be surprised to learn that while a plethora of broken stems can be easily recognized as a possible problem, earlier indicators of an issue can manifest as numerous areas where bark should be and is not.

Want to Keep Your Driveway Clean? 3 Landscaping Tips That Will Produce Results

Having the right strategy for maintaining your driveway is an important step in keeping it clean all year long. But, even when you are using the best methods, other factors could require you to spend an extremely long time cleaning or fixing problems that were caused. For instance, berries that fall onto the ground can stain concrete when it has not been sealed or resealed in recent years. It is an excellent idea to look at your landscape to see what can be changed to enjoy easier driveway maintenance.

Signs That a Stump Should Be Removed

An old stump in your yard may look quaint at first, possibly even providing a neat little tabletop to display a flower pot or a bird bath. Unfortunately, it could also later become a major problem if you opted not to have it removed. The following are signs that it's time to have the stump removed instead of leaving it as a natural piece of yard art. Sign #1: Termites are an issue